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Surfing Ponce Inlet

Ponce Inlet is one of Florida's premiere surf spots. The north side of Ponce Inlet is a great spot for south, southeast and east swells. It will break well on other directions, but those are the best times to catch it. The best wind conditions for this spot are west, southwest and south. Crowds can be thick near the rocks during a good swell.

Kiteboarding and Windsurfing Ponce Inlet

Ponce Inlet is a great place to kiteboard and windsurf. This spot offers both a launch on the beachside for waves and a launch in the inlet for flat water.

The launch inside is best on an outgoing tide. On the weekend inside the inlet can have a bit of boat traffic but there is plenty of room for everyone. The north side launch is short and rocky in spots so please check the water before entering. The south side inlet launch is the best. It is a long sandy beach with plenty of downwind room. Inside the inlet works best with a northeast and east wind with an outgoing tide. Waves will break at the mouth of the inlet on the south side and outside the inlet at shark shallows. This is a great spot for wave riders.

Launching off the beach on the north side of the inlet should be for intermediate to experienced riders. The waves can range from 1ft to 8ft. Strong currents can rip down the beach in the direction of the wind and create a difficult situation for riders to get off the beach. Normal conditions will be northeast in the fall and winter and occur during a cold front. In the spring the wind will blow from the south and east and is mostly thermal.

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