2022 Tabou Pocket Air Wing Foil Board 57

2022 Tabou Pocket Air Wing Foil Board 57

2022 Tabou Pocket Air Wing Foil Board 107

2022 Tabou Pocket Air Wing Foil Board 107

2022 Tabou Pocket Air Wing Foil Board 97

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Compact foiling performance!
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The Pocket Air is the next step in the evolution of wingfoiling boards and equally provides newcomers and experienced riders with exactly the right board for their needs. All sizes feature an extremely compact outline for maximum controllability and manoeuvrability as well as a single concave deck for outstanding comfort in each of the many foot strap positions or when riding strapless. A smooth curvature rocker with a flat section in the tail makes you take off super early and buffers touchdowns together with the concave rail design. With the addition of new sizes the Pocket Air collection includes easy to use boards for newcomers as well as high-performance shapes for freestylers and wave riders.

Quality, advanced technology and innovation means everything to us. We put all our efforts into the development of boards that are built to last, but still lightweight and performance oriented. Finding this balance is a constant challenge, but these nuances make the difference between a good board and a great board. Each Tabou board features exactly the right mix of different design traits and technologies for its application area to provide every surfer with the right board for his demands.

  • A range of 8 sizes between 57 and 137 litres contains the right board for pros and beginners.
  • Outstanding control and manoeuvrability when flying thanks to the shorter outline design.
  • The smooth curvature rocker with a flat section in the tail provide early take-offs and soft touchdowns.
  • A wider top outline in the tail section adds stability on the knee, while still providing early lift-offs due to the reduced wetted surface on the bottom.
  • Various insert positions provide you with comfort and control at all skill levels and in different stances.
  • The single concave on the deck maximizes comfort and control in all stances.
  • A concave shape in the rails combines great water release with smooth touchdowns.
  • The Pocket Air 87 and bigger feature extra thickness in the top nose section to prevent nose diving and help balancing when starting on the knees.
57 MTE 132 56 57 5.9 Double US Box
67 MTE 137 58 67 6.4 Double US Box
77 MTE 143 61 77 6.8 Double US Box
87 MTE 153 64 87 7.1 Double US Box
97 MTE 163 67 97 7.8 Double US Box
107 MTE 173 70 107 8.0 Double US Box
117 MTE 178 71 117 8.6 Double US Box
137 MTE 189 76 137 9.2 Double US Box
57 TEAM 132 56 57 TBA Double US Box
67 TEAM 137 58 67 TBA Double US Box
77 TEAM 143 61 77 TBA Double US Box
87 TEAM 153 64 87 TBA Double US Box
97 TEAM 163 67 97 TBA Double US Box
107 TEAM 173 70 107 TBA Double US Box
117 TEAM 178 71 117 TBA Double US Box

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Brand Tabou
Year 2022
Volume ltr 97