2014 Fanatic Freewave CWS 116

2014 Fanatic Freewave CWS 116

2021 Exocet S-Line Pro

2021 Exocet S-Line Pro

2021 Exocet X-Wave

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The new 2021 X-Wave is designed for the ultimate wave or bump and jump session.  The new outline and rails help to increasse comfort and control.  Sails as a single fin or tri fin board.

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The new 2021 X-Wave is an all conditions board that jumps up on a plane quick and easy.  With a new outline and rail work to help make cut backs on the waves easier and smoother.  All boards include a fin specifically designed for fast wave boards.  These fins help to control in high speed turns.  The multipurpose rocker allows for comfort and control in all conditions.  Whether you are wave sailing, or bump and jump sailing this board does it all. Sail as a single fin or tri fin.  

Key Features  

  • Versatile boards in tri fins or single configuration depending on sailing conditions
  • Quick on the plane in all conditions
  • Excellent performance in side shore to on shore conditions
  • Free wave in single fin mode or pure wave in “tri fin” mode
  • Equipped with 2 G10 CNC fins (twin fins) and 1 medium center G10 CNC fin in “tri-fin” mode
  • Equipped with 1 large center fin and 2 cover box in single fin mode
    DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • 3 footstraps with multiple positions
  • Custom finish
  • CNC shaped EPS
  • Carbon Biaxial 160gr construction on 100 kg/m3 PVC deck and bottom
  • Multiple layers of structural re-inforcement on the rails


Size (cm)

Volume (L)

Weight (kg)


Sail Size

X-Wave 78

225 x 55



5 x slot box

3.3 - 5.3

X-Wave 85

225 x 56.5



5 x slot box

3.7 - 5.7

X-Wave 95

228 x 61.5



US Box + 2 x slot box

3.7 - 6.3

X-Wave 103

230 x 63



Powerbox + 2 x slot box

4 - 6.8

X-Wave 112

230 x x 64



Powerbox + 2 x slot box

4.2 - 7

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Brand Exocet
Year 2021