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LP FRS Series Windsurfing Hydrofoil

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LP FRS Series Windsurfing Hydrofoil
Windsurfing on a foil is amazing. Lifting out of the water, totally quiet....and going nutty fast is an incredible experience. (if we have any wind at all, the foils win out local races against Formula and everything else now). Although there is a lot to learn about foiling, if you can get in the straps and use the harness, you will foil first time out guaranteed.....and you might get some pretty long rides if the conditions are steady. The LP is a very good foil for doing what a lot of windsurfers want to do, which is be super powered in lighter winds without a huge sail. The foil is very robust and the end plate on the top of the tuttle box helps a lot with keeping your fin box in one piece...30 times on mine with no problems at all. We routinely ride this foil with a 7.8 and often bigger sails here in Miami, land of moderate wind. Any board with a deep tuttle box, 80 wide to 100 wide is ideal. The lift on the front wing is powerful, you can be ripping in ten mph of wind. Ripping, this is not an exaggeration. We ride on this foil almost every day as there is 10-15 4-5 days a week after work so we have been killing it with this thing...but it holds up. But the LP is all carbon and super strong, the quality is excellent, unlike some of the other foils out there. Any board 80 wide and up with some inboard strap positions, particularly on the rear set, will work really good with the LP (see photo of modified Exocet RS 7, note the inset rear straps). Often when we are sailing short boards, and the wind problem, same rig, drop it onto your foil board, PRESTO, you are powered out of your mind! Not having to rerig your sail alone is a reason to start foiling! Watch out for the shallow spots though....crab pots are not your friend either. For us....we never take it out of the board....when it's on top of your car, watch out for your car starting to fly though on the highway, it's fun but kind of scary (see photo) and those low garages. But going super fast, pointing CRAZY HIGH, and sailing SUPER DEEP DW....that is a lot of fun. Do it this summer, it will blow your mind.....the thrill you had learning to windsurf will be back, we guarantee. Tip--Do NOT give these to your friends who are just uphauling, this is not good for them or your rig, we learned the hard way, trust us on this. Intermediate windsurf skills are required to foil.


Specs: Available with 2 board attachment options to accommodate your own personal riding style. (NOTE: Select mounting system before Strut finish & length) - Deep Tuttle - Standard Tuttle More Info The ultra-thin strut's torsional stiffness reduces vibration absorption for a smoother, faster ride. The advanced designed wings result in controlled lift with rock solid stability; the rear wing's angle of attack is easily adjusted using LP’s pre-canted shim system. The LP series of calibrated shims allows for fine tuning of the rear wing to suit your personal riding style. The removable fuselage acts as the power transmitter between the front and rear wings;delivering the power seamlessly to the strut. Advanced carbon composite technology assures that the LP FRS Foil withstands extreme loads in the harshest conditions with controlled flex, delivering increased performance. Here.....check out some action on the foil below:
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