Kitesurfing Lessons

Kitesurfing will get your adreneline pumping. It is a fun, exciting and challenging sport. There is a slightly technical side to kitesurfing that you must learn in order to be safe. The sport and equipment have their dangers. But, if you are taught properly, it can be a safe exciting sport.

Our instrutors have over ten years of experience in kiteboarding. We are trained and certified by PASA, a leading wind sports organization. Our lessons are done under the strictest guidelines to insure safety.

Our lessons are done on an 'On Call' basis. We cannot control the weather, but we wish we could though. Therfore, we like to take your name, phone number and your normal available days and put you on our waiting list. We then wait for the wind to arrive. We can normally give a 24-48 hour notice of a lesson.

We offer only one on one lessons. We will teach two people at one time as long as the people know each other. All of our lessons include all equipment. You will not have to provide anything but your own food, water and sun block. We will bring the rest. Our lessons cost $100 per person per hour. A single person beginner lesson is a minimum of 3 hours. Lessons including two students will be twice as long. Any person looking for advanced hourly lessons must demonstrate appropriate level one skills.

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