Exocet 2019 RF Foil AST Package

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Exocet RF Foil AST with Progressive Fly Foil

Exocet RF Foil AST with Progressive Fly Foil

The Progressive Fly Foil is a dedicated windsurf model. It features moderate aspect ratio combined with carbon construction. It has a 90cm mast to allow it to work in rougher conditions at higher speeds. This foil is great at getting going in light wind conditions while still maintaining upper range performance. Comes with deep tuttle attachment system.

The Exocet RF Foil is at the top of the curve. One of the most popluar foiling boards ever since its release, this board is perfect for racing and recreational foil windsurfing. The RF 91 and 81 have specific deck and bottom shapes that are designed to make foiling easier for the rider. The round tucked rail running deep to the bottom of the board, the scooped nose, and slight "round vee" help the board land and touch down much softer and without losing speed. The flat deck is designed to have the feet in full contact while the board is railing. The volume is distributed to help foiling with the feet in the footstraps. There are many footstrap options to suit every size and experience rider.

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Brand Exocet
Year 2019
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