Car Rack Installation

I’ve got some awesome gear, but I can’t transport it.

We’ve got you covered. We offer rack systems from Yakima, Thule, Malone and more. We keep a modest selection in stock to fit most vehicles. We also have bed extenders, and trailers. We can get you outfitted to haul all your favorite gear.

Do you provide installation?

All complete racks systems bought through us will include free installation. We will install select rack systems, but only if it is a brand we carry and it is new in box. Rate for install is $35/hr, minimum charge is $35.

How long will it take?

Install times can vary between vehicles and install types. Generally, roof racks will take 30-45 minutes. Truck bed racks can take an hour or more. Give us a call and we will be happy to estimate how long it will take.

While most people will wait it out while we install the rack system, you are more than welcome to drop it off, and we’ll give you a call once it’s done.

I don’t want to call, what do I need?

Follow Yakima and Thule’s fit guide! They are the same tool’s we’re going to use to confirm fitment for each vehicle.


For Yakima roof racks, you’re looking for 3 main components; tower TYPE, BaseClip NUMBER, and bar SIZE. All Yakima racks are SKS lock compatible (Yakima’s proprietary lock system), and are not included in any Yakima products unless explicitly stated.


Thule has 3 main components; bar SIZE,  . All Thule racks are compatible with their own proprietary locks, and are not included in any Thule products unless explicitly stated.

That’s nifty and all, but I need a trailer.  

Okay, how big? We keep a selection of trailers from Yakima and Continental in stock. The ones we have on hand are going to be designed for hauling kayaks, sailboats and things that are of like size and weight.


We will occasionally need to order fit kits in. This can take 2-5 business days, usually closer to the former but is not guaranteed.

Free means free, no strings attached.

We will absolutely, under no circumstance install, touch or advise on any rack system that we do not carry. We’re not trying to be mean, we just simply haven’t had the training from other rack companies.

We can not install any system that requires drilling, bolting, welding, black magic or a hulk.

We can not install any trailer hitches.

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