2023 Tabou Rocket Plus Windsurf Board

2013 Exocet U-Surf Core

2013 Exocet U-Surf Core

2022 Progressive Riser Foil Board with AeroWing and TriFoil


Pair the popular Progressive Riser foil board with the beginner-friendly Aero Wing and a Tr-Foil! Select the perfect size Riser for your needs and foil configuration, and top it off with the right-sized wing and foil to get you pumping and moving on the waves.

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2022 Progressive Riser Foil Board with AeroWing and TriFoil
2022 Progressive Riser Foil Board with AeroWing and TriFoil

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    Get ready to fly the ocean with a Progressive combo package including a board, wing, and foil!

    Progressive Riser Foil Board

    Introducing our dedicated foiling board for wake, surf, wind, kite, or wing foiling – the Riser! Dual A-box fin boxes work with any plate mount style foil, and allow for some fore and aft adjustment to dial in your performance. The Riser also has a step-tail design to aid in take off, even in small surf. Each length has ample width and volume, so you won’t be fighting to keep your balance either. Just focus on your foiling!

    • Center carry handle on 5′-6’10 sizes
    • *Mast track for windsurfing on 5’11-7’2
    • Gore-Tex vent
    • EVA Deck pad with kicktail
    • Leash plug
    • Beveled Rails
    • Center Line and Offset footstrap inserts
    • Step Tail
    • Twin A Boxes

    Craving the most versatile ride?

    Look no further than our standard Riser series, available from 5′ to 6’10! Incorporated step tails on this line will get you taking off easily even in small surf. With enough volume and width, even bigger riders won’t have an issue with stability or flotation! 5′-6’10 Risers pump extremely well with a foil or sail, increasing your water time.

    Want to windsurf?

    Riser sizes from 5’11 and up come with a mast track installed, so no expensive changes or mishaps have to happen. You can just plug in your mast and sail away!

    Length Width Thickness Volume Weight (lbs)
    4' Kite 18.5" 2.9" 29L -
    5' 22.5" 3.3" 50L -
    5'6 28" 3.6" 75L -
    *5'11 29.3" - 114L 18.2
    *6'6 28.5" - 122L 19.1
    *6'10 29.1" - 138L 20.5
    *7'2 TST 30" - 150L -

    Progressive Aero Wing

    Wing Surfing can be done on a normal SUP for a relaxing cruise or combined with the latest foil boards for a high performance experience. Having a new way to enjoy your SUP on windy days will increase water time for many riders without having to deal with complicated set up and extensive equipment needs. The crossover to snow with skis or a snowboard will offer even more opportunity for winter fun. Or try riding on the hard packed beach and enjoy a new way to have fun when combining a Wing Surfer wing and a Mountain board. The Progressive AeroWing is built using the finest Teijin ripstop with an easy one pump system. The vinyl window affords good visibility and the strut handles on both the leading edge and center strut give the rider the ultimate in control.

    Progressive Tri-Foil

    Multipurpose carbon and aluminum foil. Size matters, and this foil comes in several sizes for any particular discipline like Wind, Wake, and Surf! 100% carbon wings with either an aluminum or carbon mast and fuselage.

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    Year 2022
    Brand Progressive